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All reviews are organic. I do not pay for reviews, nor do I exchange favourable reviews with other authors. All reviews on this page are by genuine readers who have purchased the book on Amazon or possibly they’ve downloaded the novel during a free book promotion. None of the reviews mentioned are from family or friends. I felt a need to emphasise the fact the reviews are genuine, because I understand how abused the review system is online with both, traditionally published books and independently published books.  I promise you I will not be party to the abuse.

book_coverRaw Nerve has so far, after only having been republished a month ago after spending four years on the unpublished shelf, had three great reviews that can be seen on Amazon’s UK site. The latest review reads: “Just loved this book from the very beginning, it holds your interest all the way through and by the time I was getting near the end, I ended up reading to 5am to finish it. Very disappointed to finish it, wanted it to go on forever. The main character is brilliant, the story very credible and exciting! I read a lot of James Patterson and this is right up there with JP. Would love to see Gideon Latimer the main character become a series by Tim Rees, as Micheal Bennet and Alex Cross has been written for James Patterson. More please Tim!!!” 

Another review reads: “Wow – you know when you’ve read a great book as you’re still buzzing with the thrill of it a couple of days later. The author took me on a breathless rollercoaster with this one! I can’t stop thinking about the great characters and wonder what they are doing now, just couldn’t put it down. Phew!”

You can purchase Raw Nerve here:

delphian_coverDelphian has had a wonderful review by a reader who didn’t want it to finish. This review can abe seen on Amazon’s UK site:

“Amazing! A book that keeps you wanting more from the first page, your unable to put it down but are constantly dreading the thought of reaching the end. Fantastic storyline and believable characters all add up to this being a must read book and I’m eagerly anticipating a sequel.”

And this review for Delphian is by an American reader who actually got the point of the novel. The review can be seen on Amazon’s .com site as well as the UK site and it’s also on Goodreads, which is how I know the reviewer’s American.

“I used to really love British thrillers, and so it was fun to return to a genre I hadn’t read in a while. “Delphian” hits many hallmarks of the genre, but is also a thriller with a bit of a difference, which made it even more interesting for me.

The main character, Vincent, is an ex-Intelligence agent who goes MIA, presumed dead, and takes up his own personal mission to expose horrific medical testing being funded by the British government. This lands him in the middle of a very sensitive subject: medical research can lead to life-saving breakthroughs, but is based on horrible exploitation and torture. If your life, or your child’s life, could be saved by performing experiments on foreign prostitutes, should the experiments be carried out? What about on beagles or rats? Is it okay to torture and kill unwilling and completely innocent victims in order to (maybe) save other lives?

As you can see, this is a book with an agenda, one that I happen to agree with (namely, vivisection is unconscionable and should be replaced with other methods). If the very idea of stopping or changing medical research out of concern for its test subjects is repellent to you, than you’re probably not going to like this book. However, if you’re interested in a thriller that isn’t afraid to delve into some sticky issues with no easy answers (is it okay for a rogue agent to kill killers in order to stop the killing??), this book has a lot to offer. And don’t let the “serious” side of the book deter you if you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller: this book has lots of tension and some high-action sequences that quite frankly had me on the edge of my seat.”

Another review (Amazon’s UK site) for Delphian reads: “Yes, more please.

I really liked this book, and I really liked Vincent. I also liked foulmouthed Millie, and as someone who has regretfully passed by the rest of another book series because of the excruciatingly awful love interest, this was a good thing! The storyline and characterisation were excellent.

The author is going on my ‘to watch’ list, and I will look out for more books featuring Delphian in the future.”

And the latest review on Amazon’s UK site reads:

Huge amount of detail with a moral plot this (sic (that)) is entertaining and thought provoking. Better to have Rees on your side.

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wtf4Reviews for WTF are good, but only one reviewer has commented on the more controversial aspects of the novel so far. The review reads:

I finished this book quite quickly, but struggled with writing a review, because, well, how do you review the unconventional? “WTF” has to be the most original, mind-boggling, faith-testing, all around unique book I’ve ever read.

The only reason I’m giving it a 4* is pertaining more to the formatting and repeat expressions used within the book, such as “puffed cheeks” and the occasional review of events that had passed, in a way that slows down the storyline rather than add anything to it. These are not reasons to not read it, rather semantics, but enough so that it affected my review.

That being said, “WTF” is a worthy read, and I strongly encourage readers with an open mind to have a go at it. I repeat: with an open mind. Don’t bother reading this book if you’re expecting flowers and chocolates, it’s not that at all. The story itself touches on hard subjects, such as rape, assassinations on demand, political unjustness, and, yes, it attacks religion. It only made me enjoy it more for everything it attacks and makes you question. There is a blunt originality to the way the author portrays everything, something that grips you and makes you keep reading.

I had a love-hate relationship with the main character’s best friend. Love because of his views (or non-views) on religion, that so echo my own. Hate because of his views on relationships (which so differ from my own). These kind of contrasts happen throughout the storyline, and I found them engaging, always keeping me on my toes.

The novel encompasses struggles the main character has in his career, in his personal life, with finding or not finding faith, with conforming to what is expected, with the military itself… The author did a splendid job tying it all in together with a believable context, and again, it was an enjoyable mind-twister. I, for one, am looking forward to any following novels.

But most reviews seem to only focus on the sex. The review below is on Amazon’s .com site and Goodreads, where I discovered the reviewer identifies herself as a literary agent, so that’s interesting.

“If you are looking for a really steamy book from a guys perspective – this is it. Enjoyed the heat and may be a great book to get your guy reading some hot romance! Great hook at the end to make you want to get to the next one! Only two minor comments – “puffed cheeks” – every character does it – not sure what it means – and no mention or thought about condoms – really?”

And this review is on Goodreads only.

“This well-written story of a young hero’s adventures in life, lust, and love has excellent explicit sex scenes and ends in cliffhanger. I look forward to the sequel.”

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I would love to have your opinion of WTF, Raw Nerve and Delphian 🙂