delphian_cover*NOTE* I have unpublished Delphian for the time being. Further information to follow.


Why did I write Delphian? Well, I wanted to expose the hypocrisy that is vivisection, yet I accept the argument that if I had a child dying of cancer I would be desperate for a cure. Thus the story begins with someone’s child being used as a vivisection subject.

I also wanted to create a character that is a cross between Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and Forsythe’s The Jackal. For the result, think on Timothy Olyphant’s assassin character in the movie, Hitman, with the addition he’s a master of disguise, although, by the time I was a quarter of the way into the novel, Vincent had very much become his own man.

It took about 9 months to write the first draft, then a good six months before I felt the novel was ready for publication.

Delphian is set in rural Wales, with many scenes in London and a few in Cardiff.

A review for Delphian on Amazon’s UK site reads: “Yes, more please.

I really liked this book, and I really liked Vincent. I also liked foulmouthed Millie, and as someone who has regretfully passed by the rest of another book series because of the excruciatingly awful love interest, this was a good thing! The storyline and characterisation were excellent.

The author is going on my ‘to watch’ list, and I will look out for more books featuring Delphian in the future.”

The latest review reads: Huge amount of detail with a moral plot this (sic (that)) is entertaining and thought provoking. Better to have Rees on your side.

The Blurb reads:

I would like to tell you a secret, but can you handle the truth?

The British intelligence community now has a problem. A secret agent who specialised in cover-up operations is now hell bent on disclosing top secret medical research funded by the British government. He is now a rogue agent whose conscience has been compromised. Now he’s a law unto himself. He’s an assassin with a conscience. The clock is ticking as he’s pursued by the British secret service and he’s determined to save as many innocent lives as possible.

People believe money is power, but he understands it is with information where real power lies.

There’s no such thing as good and evil, there’s just people.

Delphian is available here:

I have also adapted the novel to the screen and the script is ready for  producers to consider.