Raw Nerve

book_coverRaw Nerve is the first novel I wrote in 1996/97. Inspiration for the novel came when I asked myself the question: Why didn’t Colin Powell run for the White House? The scenario that became the novel Raw Nerve came to me very quickly. It took me the better part of a year to write and probably redrafted for a further six months.

As a Welsh guy, living and writing in Wales, I was a little naive about the level of racism that still existed in the USA, thus I wasn’t prepared when the novel was considered very controversial and, although the novel was enthusiastically received by every junior editor my agent sent it to, the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of all the major publishing houses in New York refused to allow their junior staff to publish Raw Nerve.

The blurb reads:

Set in 1997, Janice N. Mathias, the Governor of Georgia, looks set to be the next President of the United Sates of America – She also happens to be black.

How will the Ku Klux Klan respond?

Gideon is the man who makes the difference as he tears the dark veil from the face of white supremacy…

Raw Nerve is available here:  http://viewbook.at/RawNerve

One review on Amazon’s UK site reads: “Just loved this book from the very beginning, it holds your interest all the way through and by the time I was getting near the end, I ended up reading to 5am to finish it. Very disappointed to finish it, wanted it to go on forever. The main character is brilliant, the story very credible and exciting! I read a lot of James Patterson and this is right up there with JP. Would love to see Gideon Latimer the main character become a series by Tim Rees, as Micheal Bennet and Alex Cross has been written for James Patterson. More please Tim!!!”

The latest review reads: “Wow, what a great story. Tim Rees has done a splendid job with this captivating Action Thriller. It’s always a great sign when I need to stop reading a book when life gets in the way, and I can’t wait to pick it up again. This was definitely one of those books. A very well thought out plot, with a lot of interesting characters, make this a truly entertaining read. Colonel Gideon Daniel Latimer was living the peaceful life with his wife Ashita down in New Mexico, before his boss General Travers turned up with a top secret assignment for him. It wouldn’t be easy for Gideon to leave Ashita as she was due to give birth to their first child. However he knew the General wouldn’t be asking for his help if it wasn’t important. The Ku Klux Klan had popped up on the radar for all the wrong reasons. Janice Mathias was a strong chance at becoming the next President of the United States of America, and normally that would be ok, but not for the Ku Klux Klan considering she was a black lady. The General wants Gideon to infiltrate the Klan, and see what they are planning, and try to stop them. Gideon is such a great character that I would love to see him in future stories. Hands down, this is well worth a read.Note* All my reviews are organic reviews from genuine readers, none of whom I know personally.”