So now I’m a Recording artist? How did that happen?

You’ll probably know, if you’ve visited The Drama Merchant page, that I’ve recorded the audio book for the novel. I’m now a recording artist! That’s pretty damned awesome. Not just a string to my bow, but a whole new bow!

And it has been great fun ‘performing’ my own story. Getting into the character of James has been a joy and reading aloud the sex scenes has been very interesting. I’ve had to detach myself because it is very... Well, intimate.

I believe in the moral heart of The Drama Merchant. It is a story that doesn’t shy from challenging the reader’s perspective, but at its core, the novel is a love story where a young man mistakes love for lust and learns quickly. It would be wrong to say I was James as a young man, because James is his own man, but I won’t deny we shared some common experiences. I am in James and he is in me. I was that young man seeking love. I just wish I’d met Gemma.

But enough about me, The Drama Merchant is essentially about two people in love, but which two? you may ask... Well, you’ll need to read or maybe listen to the novel.

In the meantime, I’m recording a novel titled, A Seed Once Sown, another story with a heart and soul. If you support animal rights, you are going to love this story. It will entertain you and, hopefully, it will inform you.

My wish is you learn that it is important we learn to share planet Earth with all life forms.

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