Years ago now, I remember driving in the car and listening to Just William read by Martin Jarvis. It was brilliant and had us all enthralled and I remember being surprised when I learned it was a thing called an audiobook - I thought we’d been listening to the radio.

I suppose, when we talk about a novel we automatically assume the format to be a thick wad of text. As a novelist I love creating those pages where the printed words come to life in the reader’s imagination. There is a magic that happens when writing fiction that has become a ‘need' in my life. I can’t imagine ever stopping. But whilst the printed text is the birth of the creative process for me, I have been fortunate enough to experience creating stories in other mediums too. I made films and TV series for a number of years working for the BBC and a couple of my own stories found new life on the screen. But until recently I had never dipped my toe into the world of the audiobook. Wow! What a thrill it has been reading my own story, The Drama Merchant, aloud into a microphone. It’s a totally different experience of storytelling; it was very much performance art - I felt like an actor who was playing all the roles. It was exhilarating!

My deepest thanks to Wales Press for making this possible.

After I finished recording The Drama Merchant, I began work on A Seed Once Sown and now I have completed recording that novel I find myself immensely pleased with the result.

Now to begin work on Delphian! So busy! 🙂

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