The Drama Merchant

The Drama Merchant is a story told through the eyes of a specialist soldier, James Thomas. The story is mainly set in Cardiff and Tenby.

James has been dating Gemma, who is a pacifist. Gemma is unaware of James’ true profession until his secret units identifies are released to the press after a headline news hostage rescue. And so the drama begins...

After being dumped by Gemma because of his profession, James heads for Tenby with his best friend Steve, who is opinionated and outspoken.

To say more is not easy without spoiling the story for readers and listeners (yes, an audiobook will shortly be available) so I’ll just add the back cover blurb and inform you that The Drama Merchant is published by Wales Press


James loves Gemma and Gemma is apparently super-glued between her legs, according to Steve anyway. And so the drama begins as James’ professional world is exposed to the full glare of publicity.

James is a specialist soldier, Steve is his opinionated best friend, Ally is a girl without inhibitions; and Gemma? Well, Gemma is young and arguably a little misguided. They are all in their late teens, early twenties and discovering what love means as they make mistakes and grow through experience.

The story is played out against national headline news, social media and TV debates after James and his specialist unit’s identities are leaked to the press.  Is James a hero or a killer? The nation is divided.

This is a fictitious drama where the scenarios and characters are drawn purely from the author’s imagination. All views expressed are the responsibility of the characters who are young individuals with strong personalities.

The novel contains strong language and explicit sex. The sex isn’t gratuitous, but, what the hell, we all like sex and when you’re young it is, perhaps, the greatest adventure.

Reader quote: “I haven’t enjoyed a good controversial book like this since I read Machiavelli's The Prince!”

Another reader stated: “Girls! Get your husband’s and boyfriend’s to read this!”

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